Import time are longer and longer


Hi all,

I import several component into a model. I do it with Sketchup 8 with a script.

Now I use Sketchup 2015 and an updated component library but the time to import component is longer and longer. I mean that the time to import the first component is ok, the second is pretty slow, the third is just a
nightmare ( 60 secondes for a 8 Mo component).

I try to understand why.

Since the last time, I update the component library by adding detail.
I try on Sketchup 8 again, and the time to import is long.
The problem should come from the detail I added.

When I load a component whithout common part with the previous one, time to upload is ok.

I try to group or ungroup, make component or not on the detail that I ad.
I try to change the number of level in the outliner
I import componant manually.
But nothing doesn’t change the time to import for the next componant.

Is there a way to speedup the time to import a component with common part on a previous one?

Sorry for the level of english I try to be clear.


Suggest you import the componets each to a separate instance of SU and purge the model and any unused materials, then import to your working model. Depending on where you are importing from the models may come with extra " baggage" you do not want / need?
Just a though.


thx, I extremly simplify the model and now it’s ok.