Library components slow to import into model - Mac Sketchup 2022

I’ve been using sketchup on mac for almost two decades, and the recent years (2020 - 2022) seem to have some real issues with importing components directly into my model.

I can download a component to my desktop, and then import it into my model quite quickly, but downloaded a component directly into my model takes forever.

Earlier versions of sketchup did this without a problem.

I’m running a brand new Mac Mini M2 Pro, but had the same issue with my previous 2018 mac mini.

I rarely download components larger than 1mb, so it’s not a file size problem.

Can you see if what I wrote here applies to your situation?

We first saw that problem with 2020, or maybe even 2019. To save reading the whole thing, open the Colors palette and choose anything except Colors in Model. See if things then download into the scene quickly.

Yes - Around 2020 a lot of new problems crept in. Was that the Trimble takeover from AtLast?

I’ll definitely test the material palette theory - but if that works I’m going to be pissed at sketchup for all the wasted hours

From Wikipedia:
Google acquired @Last Software on March 14, 2006
Trimble Navigation (now Trimble Inc.) acquired SketchUp from Google on June 1, 2012

Why did you wait 3 years to ask your question here?

It’s a fair question - I’ve been able to make it work by downloading / importing and my semi regular search of the Q/A database didn’t turn up anything so I didn’t press it.

Now that I have an upgraded machine I wanted to see if I could dig deeper.

Post 2020 sketchup is still buggy imho with this issue, crashing and creating overlapping faces.

That seems to work! I can’t believe it… will have to test it on my work machine, and with my other staff, but it gives me hope.

Test: Macbook Pro M1, Sketchup Pro 2022

  1. Opened a reasonably complex existing file and downloaded ~1mb “Floral-fig Tree” directly into the model while the material palette was set to “colors in model”… it took 40 seconds of spinning beachball to eventually place the component in the model.

  2. Closed the file without saving, and re-opened it. Changed the materials palette to “Colors” and the component inserted instantly

Some people who have seen this problem, with no doubt much more complex files, have had to wait up to 10 minutes for the new component to appear.

Yeah it’s crazy. I’m not that patient.

Hopefully the materials palette trick fixes it for now.