SketchUp Pro has been installing for 5 hours. I don't want to cancel because it may take too long. What can be the problem?

Please help me fix this problem thank you

I can’t remember a time when it even took 5 minutes for the install to happen… Even the download of the installation files on a not very fast public wifi happened within the 5 minute range.

For whatever reason, you have a hung install here—and I’d still be inclined to say this, even if we were talking about 15-20 minutes.

SketchUp doesn’t come with a massive library of associated files it needs. It shouldn’t take that long to install it at all.

After getting out of this current attempt:

Double check that the downloaded installer files are complete downloads and not corrupted. . . these are both hard to do since there’s no easy way to check or compare… So if you’re a bit suspicious about the integrity of these then just download a new set. [ see @sketch3d_de nice list of files sizes below ]

Check your computer USER level… you don’t want to be logged into a restricted user account. Instead you should have ‘administrator rights’ associated with the user account you’re working from.

and the old fashion advice of not running other programs while your installing new ones is still something that i think is good to follow… even though you can often get away from having to follow it these days.

Lastly, before your next attempt, reboot (/restart) your computer so that the OS is fresh, and the memory has been cleared out from any residue left over from hours, or days, of cumulative computer usage.

And even with an admin account you still need to Right Click on the installer and select Run as Administrator.

SketchUp 2017 M1 EN
(Revision: Win 17.1.174 / Mac 17.1.173)
• Make Version:

  • Windows: 155.261.392 Bytes
  • macOS: 141.442.795 Bytes
    • Pro Version:
  • Windows: 155.266.792 Bytes
  • macOS: 141.462.052 Bytes
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1.) download and install the MS Visual C++ 2015 runtime libs required by SU 2017 separately
2.) open the SketchUp setup.EXE file with your preferrred archiver application (or rename from setup.EXE to setup.EXE.ZIP and double-click) and drag the MSI from inside the archive to your Windows desktop
3.) run the MSI by “right-clicking > Run as Admin…”