SketchUp Pro hangs on MacBook after internal/external display change

Curious if anyone else is running into this external display issue…

If my MacBook Pro is connected to an external display with the lid closed, then I disconnect the display and let the laptop sleep, when I later reopen the lid to work on the MacBook internal LCD itself, SU 2021 becomes “almost unresponsive” and renders the view’s triangles incompletely while it chokes on some recursive code routine that has one CPU core at 100%. The same thing happens if I close the lid and let the laptop sleep, then connect it to the external display and wake the machine.

SU does not crash, but it is blocking the main thread’s event loop for a couple of minutes while it does it’s thing… So I can click on the menu bar and wait for a couple of minutes until SU finally relinquishes some control for the drop-down menu to be drawn… I can then get to the save and/or close menu item and get the file closed, then quit and restart SU.

I have saved Activity Monitor samples during the hang for tech support, if you’re interested in investigating this one.

As a general observation, in cases like this, I usually say “Don’t do that, then”.

OpenGL support going haywire with sleep or making hardware changes on the run seems to be fairly common across platforms. I would guess it is a display driver or BIOS problem and if you try another OpenGL-dependent application you might see the same thing.