SketchUp Pro Evaluation


I downloaded the “free” SketchUp Make, however some how its now in a SketchUp Pro evaluation with a Pro-trial count down. What happens at the end of the trial period?


The free Make version is initially installed as SketchUp Pro and after the trial period it will automatically revert to Make which is essentially SketchUp Pro without Layout and no ability to import or export dwg and dxf files. There are other differences, but certain of these can be provided through a variety of plugins.

Make can only be used for non commercial purposes and the trial duration is for 8 hours in aggregate.

Look at this comparison:


I month these days for SU2015


Thanks @Box,

I was not aware of this. The eval period was for 8 hours when I was a SketchUp newbie. Pardon my miscue!


Thanks jvleearchitects for the response. I have seen additional plugins; however, not sure which developers are the most reliable.


This shouldn’t be the question, you should ask yourself, which tasks you want to speed up or simplify and search the appropriate plugin and not the author…


My needs have evolved. Unfortunately the Pro Evaluation has expired and I now would like to have a look at Layout. Is there any way to roll-back the evaluation, or get a short-term use?