"Bonus: You can try everything in SketchUp Pro for your first 8 hours."


That quote appears when a new user starts to download SketchUp Make. Does it mean:

  1. I won’t be able to later use a trial version of Pro?
  2. 8 continuous hours from when (download, first start up…), or 8 total hours of use of the program, or…?
  3. When I download Make, I really get Pro, which is then somehow deactivated after 8 hours?
  4. Do I have to download Pro as well as Make to be able to “try everything”?

If a new user somehow determined it was worth downloading and learning Make, wouldn’t he and Trimble benefit most from a trial of Pro after a substantial period of using Make and finding deficiencies that might be remedied by Pro?


When the Pro trial time expires, Pro reverts to the free version, SketchUp Make.

The Pro trial time is 8 total hours of use of the program.

Correct. The Pro trial gracefully reverts to Make and will continue to run for as long as you wish to use it.

The Pro trial is an integral part of the Make download.



Hello Geo: Thanks for the quick and detailed response. Based on everything I’ve been able to find so far, am I correct in assuming:

  1. Once a new user of Make has used it for more than 8 hours, that user will not be able to get at a trial version of Pro?

  2. When a new to Sketchup user goes to download a trial version of Pro, he must declare that he will use it for “Professional Work” and show a Company Name, Size, etc.?

I’m retired for 10 years, but interested in Sketchup. Am I not allowed to try Make for a while (like > 8 hours over a period of weeks or months), discover I would like more power, and then try a Pro trial to verify it will do what I need and is worth $590?

Thank you

Wayne O.


Upon installation, SketchUp Make is the fully functional SketchUp Pro 8-hour trial.
After 8-hours the Pro trial gracefully reverts to Make and will continue to run for as long as you wish to use it.

If later on you purchase a license you would simply enter the license information, re-enabling Pro features.
The license information is entered while the Pro trial or SketchUp Make is running.
You’ll see where to enter the license if you look under the Help menu right in SketchUp.

Not to worry.
Download from either the Pro page and answer those question or the Make page and those questions.
Either way, the Trimble SketchUp Legal Department will not come knocking at your door. :smile:

The SketchUp installer packages for Make and Pro are in fact one and the same.
When installed, Pro automatically runs for 8-hours without a license (trial period) and then reverts to Make.
You can enter a license at any time during the 8-hour Pro trial or after it reverts to Make.

I believe the intent of the “declaration” questions is to sort, and guide those who already know they will use the software in their business towards purchasing a license straight away, which is only fair.
The SketchUp Folks work hard producing software. They must earn their living like anyone else.



In past version(s) of SketchUp the free version and the pro version were unique downloads.
Thus, one could install the free version and have a chance to become familiar with the software.
Later on one could uninstall the free version and explore the pro trial.

Unfortunately the current system essentially forces the Pro trial upon new users, when, as you have described, they are simply not familiar enough with the software to evaluate the powerful extra features of Pro.

Perhaps these articles will help you prepare.

Features of Trimble SketchUp Pro 2014 — SketchUp Help

Features of Trimble SketchUp Make — SketchUp Help



If you want, you can probably find sketchup 2013 make to download (with it’s pro trial), get a feel for it, and then try sketchup 2014 make with pro trial.


Good idea - found 2013 Make and downloaded. Thanks. Wonder where I can find a list of 2014 Make improvements.


Geo - Thanks for sticking with me to the end. Your last answer finally clarified the unfortunate facts for me. To get around the problem, I took quantj’s suggestion (download 2013 Make and use it until I’m comfortable with the software…then download 2014 Make, which will give me a chance to trial Pro, if needed).


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