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Thank you anyway

The message that says to relaunch the browser is normally in the background, while you are looking at the browser and you are signing in. The fact that you could see the message means the browser did not open.

I have seen that happen on Windows a few times, but not on Mac. Do you have any system security settings that might stop SketchUp from being able to launch a browser?

It’s the first time it happens to me. All year it has connected to Sketchup without problems. I don’t have particular security systems.

Could it be a particular problem with my account?

No. At the time that you sign in, SketchUp doesn’t know anything about your account.

In Finder you could choose Go to Folder from the Go menu, and paste in this path:

~/Library/Application Support/SketchUp 2023

or 2022 if there is a reason you need to stay with that version. In that folder try deleting the file login_session.dat, then reopen SketchUp and try again.

Thanks Colin. In Finder I only get to a Sketchup folder but I can’t go further. In the search engine I put login_session.dat but nothing appears

you’re not following the instructions. don’t try to navigate there manually, it’s in the menus on the top of your screen when you’re using finder (any window or the desktop)

the library contains all the files needed by your applications.
on your screenshot you’re in the application folder containing the application launchers.

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Many thanks to you and Colin for the help. I followed the instructions and deleted the login_session.dat file. Now I could connect! Greetings

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