I bought a SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan but in "my products" on the Trimble account I dont have an access to the program

I created an account and bought a SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan. On the online Trimble account, in the “Plan setting” it shows that I have an active SketchUp Pro, Annual Plan but in the “my products” panel I only have the option to access SketchUp Free.

Do you have a section on the left called members?

Yes, thank you. I just checked the “Modify Product Access”?

If you see a subscription under plan settings showing 1/1 available - then you should be able to assign it to yourself on the modify product access bit you are in

Once it is assigned, the products will show up in the product area

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Hello, I am having the same issue, I have assigned a seat to me and it will not allow me to open SketchUp