Sketchup pro 23 has too many bugs. Why?

I’ve been using Sketchup pro since version 8 and I was experiencing less bugs by each new version until version 23 came out and I feel I traveled back to 2010 era that I wanted to through my laptop out of window. my major problems are:
1.copy, paste and deleting objects takes for ever. These simple tasks that takes 10 seconds in version 22, takes 20 min in version 23.
2. I just installed the last update and now every time I use v-ray cosmos, I should sign out and sign in again otherwise sketchup collaps.
3. and now I even cannot copy an object from one file to another. could it be more ridiculous?!!
I would really appreciate sharing if somebody else have the same experience and also would appreciate the sketchup developers hear these problems.

They are aware of this bugs, if you want to copy from one file to another you must draw whatever ok the new file and copy/paste it wherever on the model space and delete it, then you’ll be able to copy and paste from another file into the new one.