Sketchup Pro 23.0.418

Good evening,

I am working with SKP 23.0.418 on a Mac - OS 13.6
I noticed my SEND TO LAYOUT button is greyed out as an icon as well as in the drop down menu. I created a scene and saved the file and closed and re opened and it still does not work. I was able to insert the file from the Layout drop down but that was the only way I was able to get the file to layout. Any ideas? I downloaded directly from SKP site as I have done for 10+ years. Thanks!

check for updates. there have been several since 23.0.418 , lots of things fixed.

… why ? I mean I see it in your profile, but there is no 23.4

right now we’re at 23.1.341

I ended up downloading the latest and it fixed things up. As for the naming it was for me as I had a few versions of ski and 23.4 to me w3as 23.0.4. I cant recall wyt other than maybe I had a plugin that wasn’t compatible with an older version? But feel free to delete this post as I no longer need assistance. Thanks.

The name that SketchUp uses to launch LayOut is hard-coded into it. If you change that name, Finder will be able to launch LayOut because you select it explicitly, but SketchUp won’t be able to find it.