Sketchup Pro 2022 MAc does not open

Hi all.
I have a Macbook Pro 2012 i7 with OS Catalina and a graphic Intel HD Graphics 3000 512 MB card.
Have been working ok with SU Pro 2022, until yesterday.
Patch updater in MAc was updated. Since then, when I open the SU in a new model or a saved one, the program tilt. It does not appear the axes, models. etc.
Everything is unhidden and no fog.
Any clue?

Earlier version of SU works fine (but i can’t downgrade models saved in 2022)

An integrated Intel 512 card is less than ideal for SketchUp. Have you tried Preferences>OpenGL>Use Fast Feedback, try restarting SketchUp with it set to on and off, see if either works.

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For integrated graphics Fast Feedback should be turned off (unchecked)

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On the Windows side of things it used to be that every time that the scene was blank, turning off fast feedback solved the problem. Then when SketchUp shipped with it defaulted to fast feedback being off for Intel integrated GPUs, a bunch of people had artifacts appearing, because their integrated GPU happened to be a better one, and fast feedback being on was the right setting.

The issue showing on Mac is a recent one, and what Anssi said may well solve the problem.

Hi All
after struggling for 6 hours, suddenly another patch updater appear (a Video one) and everythig returned to normality.
Thaks all for your advices.