Troubles with Mac

Anybody have any functional issues on a Mac? I am running Mavericks still but I have uninstalled and everything but still issues like the arc tool when it shows the tangent line you are supposed to be able to click and it clears the cut off but mine won’t. It doesn’t allow me to save guides and just click for the next one if it is the same. Stuff like that. Plus it seems to get to stuttering and wonky if I have any thing else open like it’s using a lot of ram. I have 8 gig and it still does it. Before 2015 version it didn’t do that. Any guesses?

Sounds like something peculiar to your complete setup and maybe the models you are working with. I am using SU 2015 on Yosemite on a 2012 MacBookPro Retina and I am not seeing anything like you describe.

One very likely culprit is plugins/extensions. Did you reinstall fresh versions from download sites or just copy them from a prior version of SketchUp? It is always recommended (despite the tedious amount of work) to get new downloads and reinstall instead of copying. You never know what might have affected compatibility from one release of SketchUp to another. In any casel, have you tried disabling plugins and seeing if the problems go away?

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Yes I did do try that. I deleted all the plug ins and reinstalled. I have the free 2015v if that makes a diff. I have a 2012 iMac 27in. w/8 gig. I was thinking that it was maybe my machine but everything else runs good so I wouldn’t think but who knows.Thanks for your thoughts.