Sketchup pro 2022 doesn't open after reinstall on MAC

Hello, I installed and successfully opened Sketchup pro on a MacBook pro M1 running mac os big sur yesterday. I started creating some models without problem, but due to some issues with textures I decided to delete and reinstall the app again to see if it fixes the problem. I can’t seem to open the app now; after opening the dmg, dragging the folder into applications, and opening the Sketchup app, it opens, nothing pops up, and the cursor becomes the rainbow spinning wheel and the application stops responding. It does the same thing if I try to open a SketchUp file. To clarify, the menu bar of Sketchup shows up, but no windows open. I’ve tried restarting the computer several times, reinstalling and redownloading the install dmg several times, and cleared the sketchup plist files in library. What should I do? Any help is greatly appreciated, thanks!

After removing the app and plists, make sure you ‘empty the bin’ and preferably do a restart.
How large is the disc image?
Where was it downloaded from?

Hi, I did empty the bin and restarted. I also deleted the previous Sketchup files from Application support before reinstalling. The disc image is 835.5 MB, and it was downloaded from Downloading SketchUp | SketchUp Help.