SketchUp 2019 won't start on Mac High Sierra

Hi, SketchUp 2019 pro suddenly wont boot up on Mac osx High Sierra, I get no errors appearing. SketchUp appears in the taskbar on top of screen but is frozen , the file wont open, and I have to force quit to exit. Anybody any idea as to why this is happening ?

Have you detached an external monitor? There are some situations where a dialog can open offscreen and SketchUp is then frozen waiting for you to respond. Try resetting the workspace and see if that helps.

No I have not been using an external monitor.

Does it happen with any file, or just one?

Will not open any file

Don’t know anything about Mac, so probably can’t be of much help.
Did anything change about your Mac?
Probably just before the problem came up.

The only thing that may have happened is it was powered off without properly saving and shutting down is all I can think of.

That could have corrupted the file.
Do you have a .skb to try? (Backup file)

I dont, are they created by SketchUp file directory

On Mac that would be uninstall and reinstall - unlike Windows, there is no repair option in the installer.

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They should be created by SketchUp but I don’t know where to find them on Mac.
Maybe some Mac user can help you with that…

I think I remember getting stuck once with SU trying to reopen the last file that was open, and it was corrupted which messed up launch. I finally got it started with a new blank document, but I don’t remember how I forced that to happen. (There may have been I dialog offering that.) Is there a magic way to do that? Discard the JSON files in preference so it has to rebuild them?

Backup files on Mac are named the same as the working file, only there is a ~ in the name. You can find all of the SketchUp files on your machine by going to any Finder window, and in the upper right search for SKP. When you do that you are offered a choice of Kinds - SketchUp Model File. Choose that, and all of the SketchUp files you have should show up.

What RTCool said could be important. If a recent file has become corrupted you may get stuck when SketchUp gets to the welcome screen, and tries to draw the thumbnails of the recent files. To get past that you could either always open files from the Finder, or you could clear the recent files list. To do that, search for SKP, then right-click on an older file that is likely to be ok, and choose to open with SketchUp.

When the file is open, go to the File menu, Recent Files, and choose Clear Menu. That will stop the older files from appearing in the welcome screen, and SketchUp may well open ok after that.

If in the end your recent working file is corrupted, look in the same folder for a file that has the same name, but with ~ at the end. That will be the most recent backup file. If that opens ok, do a Save As to give it a fresh name, and get rid of the ~. That way you will know that the new file is your working file, and not a backup file.

By the way, for the general case on macOS having a problem with a recent file, and that file being opening automatically leaves you still stuck, hold down the Shift key right after opening SketchUp. It should then not attempt to reopen the recent file.