Sketchup Pro 2020 Not Launching

I was prompted to update to the update, so I did that and now sketchup won’t launch at all :frowning: No error, nothing, doesn’t show up in task manager, nothing. Any suggestions? Did the reboot/uninstall/reinstall/repair stuff already.

Did you install Sketchup by right clicking on the downloaded installer and selecting run as administrator?

Yes, but it looks like it wants to elevate anyway, so it should’ve done that even if I hadn’t?

Hmm, when I try to repair elevated it says it can’t find “Sketchup 2020.msi”

I have seen this, it’s as if the MSI is being put in a temp folder that is being deleted. Which seems reasonable, it’s temp after all. If we are storing things that are needed by the installer, in a temp folder, that doesn’t seem good. I will ask colleagues about that.

Work around for now would be to uninstall and reinstall.

Back to the SketchUp not opening, I have seen that too. In the other case I saw it you could try opening SketchUp from the taskbar, desktop shortcut, even Program Files, and it wouldn’t show up in Task Manager. What fixed it in that case was to open an existing LayOut file that included a model, right-click, Open with SketchUp. That not only worked, it fixed the other ways of opening.

See if that happens for you as well.

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If you mean the skp file, that didn’t help, good idea though. Otherwise, I’m not sure what kind of file you mean. The older 2019 isn’t opening either, so it’s pretty confused.

yep, happened to me when I was trying to repair recently

Opening a SKP file was another way that would also fail to open SketchUp. I meant, open a LayOut document, right-click on a model, and choose Open with SketchUp.

I’m not sure what a layout doc is then, where do I find one? :slight_smile:

Open this file, it should open in LayOut. Or open LayOut first, then open this file. Right-click on the box you will see, and choose Open with SketchUp.

There may well be a LayOut 2020 shortcut on your desktop. You can open LayOut from that.

box.layout (25.4 KB)