Can't open Sketchup Drawing

I have a Sketchup file that won’t open. Have tried to open this file several different ways, but the same thing keeps happening- the rainbow wheel starts spinning and stays that way until I finally give up and Force Quit the program. I cannot figure out why this file won’t open!

It may be the file has some things that need fixing, and you need to give it more time. Try opening it as you finish working today.

Can you share the file?

I’ve been trying to open this file for a long time now and no matter how long I leave it- it never opens. The cursor spins and will do so for hours until I force quit. I’m finally just getting around to try and get help with this. I have the Pro version and it’s driving me batty. I have other issues with the program, but this one is my top priority now.

Hi- sure, how do I share the file in this post?

You would need to post the file online somewhere. I tend to use When you get there you don’t have to sign up, just agree to their conditions. Then on the upload page look for three blue dots:


Click on that and you can change the sharing from email to link. Reply here with the link they give you.

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Thanks Colin- I used your recommendation for uploading the file…

It opens fine in SketchUp 2023.

It shows that it was saved as a 2017 version file but your profile says you are using SketchUp 2021.
Screenshot - 2_27_2024 , 1_22_54 PM

I did my usual cleaning starting with fixing incorrect tag usage.
Screenshot - 2_27_2024 , 1_27_14 PM
And then purging unused stuff.
Screenshot - 2_27_2024 , 1_30_15 PM
Of the remaining textures I resized the 49 largest ones since they were excessively large.

I think its time to upgrade to SketchUp 2023.

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I wonder if there is some Mac-specific thing happening. It is taking forever to open on my Mac too.


Thanks for checking this out and working on this!

So I’m a little confused- I have a Pro subscription and it is suppose to upgarde automatically??? I am paying $400 + a year for this… am I suppose to do something on my end?

You may have set up your subscription to auto renew but in order to have the latest version of SketchUp you would need to download and install it. That’s not done automatically. Your forum profile here also only shows the version you entered and it is not automatically tied to the version you are actually using. We ask users to keep their profiles up to date because that information helps us help you.

FWIW after cleaning up the file and saving it in SketchUp 2023, the file was reduced in size by about 70%. Is this a collection of components that you use in project models?

Yes, I use these components in a lot of my models so had put this together to make the process quicker. I haven’t been able to open it for a long time now but just getting around to addressing this.

Thanks for the info! I’ll update everything on my end.

Is there a way to get a notification when there’s a new upgrade available?

AND… How do I upgrade my Sketchup Pro version? lol

Ok- I think I figured out the upgrade. So how do I get a notification that there’s a new upgrade available?

I expect you’d find it quicker and easier to manage if you would create local component collections by category and then just bring in the components from the Components panel instead of having to open this huge file to get at them.

You can use the Check for Update feature in the Help menu to check for updates to the current major release. For new major releases you should probably get an e-mail about it shortly after release. You could also watch this forum for announcements.

Here’s the file after my cleanup process. It’s still huge but maybe it’ll open for you.

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So how do I access my file of components that you revised?

See my previous reply.

ALSO, I looked under my Applications folder and I AM running the 2023 version of Sketchup Pro. ??

Ok. That’s good. It’s just your forum profile that needs updating. Click on your avatar at the top right corner of the forum page, then on the person icon, and Preferences, and then Profile. Update your profile info and click on Save at the bottom of the page.