SketchUp Pro 2021 materials palette is hanging

Problem with the material palette opening.
When starting up sketchup 2021, I go to open the material bucket, which opens ok, then I click on the Texture Palettes, this then hangs for several minute. it seem to have an issue with ready a texture I think.
Interesting when it does open and it open on the ‘Tiles’ - one of my categories, the images are blurred and elongated not square images. them when I click another category and the images are square. Then it is all good.
But it hangs when first clicking on the Texture palette. Anyway to reset this?

Are you running a bootcamp (etc) or macOS?

Is SketchUp Pro properly installed or do you run it directly from the downloaded disk image?

Hi Anssi
Sketchup is properly installed, downloaded from Trimble. Never had a problem previously.

Mac OS

What happens if you Disable the extensions, and then restart SU?