SketchUp Pro 2021 COMPLETELY frozen

hello folks,
… was working on a model, boom, no control whatsoever, cannot close the window, cannot save the model, nada.
Any instructions to rectify this would be GREATLY appreciated, thx, CR

If pressing Esc makes SketchUp come back to life, then there was a window stuck off screen somewhere. What was the last thing you did before it was apparently locked up?

thx for reply Colin, Esc doesn’t do anything, anything I try to do just gets me a nice chime :slight_smile: … I have 2 monitors, I am talking to you on #2, #1 is frozen

If there is a window stuck somewhere, typing Alt-spacebar, then M, and then any arrow key, should make the window attach itself to the cursor. Assuming you’re using English. If you’re on a different language you would replace M with whatever key does Move.

Esc will work if the focus is on the missing dialog. If you have clicked on the other monitor so you can write your post then the focus is not on the missing dialog. Go back to the monitor and get the chime, then hit esc or enter.
The key combination Colin describes will also only work when the focus is on the missing dialog.
You didn’t answer Colin’s question, what were you doing when it apparently froze? My guess, the three most likely, Make Component, Window/Model Info or Window/Preferences. But it could be any action that opens a dialog that you need to interact with.

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