Sketchup PRO 2020 not linking my paid subscription

Hello everyone, I’ma long time Sketchup user- first time poster here, so if I am missing an established post about this problem, I apologize, any direction is appreciated! :slight_smile:
Sketchup 2020(pro) Mac OSX Big Sur

The problem is that Sketchup is not seeing the paid subscription, and I see no way to assign it or make Sketchup see the paid subscription- I had to start a free trial just to keep using Sketchup for work- clearly a temporary workaround.

1.The active PRO paid plan is visible up in the “Plan Settings” tab
2.My Trimble account doesn’t see my paid PRO plan in the “My Products tab”
3.This shows my subscription and my activation date (fully paid)
4.When Sketchup 2020 starts, it doesn’t connect with the paid PRO plan
(screenshots below)

Any help (including a link to this topic already being solved) is appreciated! THANK YOU!
Edit: new users, such as myself can only include one embedded image, hopefully this won’t be too confusing, I’ve edited all the images into one.

I feel silly- the problem was that I had not assigned access to me, but reading this post: on this same forum

worked! thank you, please feel free to delete this topic or keep it up for anyone with a similar issue! :slight_smile:

We always get two screenshots: one of the plan settings and the other of the ‘My products’ section where it say’s ‘No Products’.

But the Member section is the most important one…

It should not be that difficult, but there’s some kind of ‘programmers logic’ beyond it that ‘normal’ enduser’s who just bought something don’t follow.

It should be made more clearly that you would have to ‘assign’ seats to ‘Members’, either by some exclamation marks beyond the ‘Member’ section or directing to that section upon logging in.

Most people don’t grasp the whole terminology of assigning, members, product access, etc.

They just wanna use SketchUp when they buy it…

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