SketchUp Pro 2020 - 3d mouse doesn't work anymore

3DConnexion updated their drivers on Feb 7

3DxWare 10.5.4

I don’t see any mention of SketchUp 2020 in the release notes. I just bought my second space mouse and a new CADD mouse.

How hard could it be to push an email or put a banner on their website?

Windows only. The Mac driver is still 10.6.4, released November 2019 and still does not know about SketchUp 2020.


I have an old Space Navigator (2012?) and was sure it wasn’t going to work in anything recent. I found it while looking for something else and thought I’d give it a try. The original drivers worked for SU 7 and 8 but not for SU2013… so, I gave up on it years ago. However, in reading through these comments, copy/pasting the ancient .rb into the version plugin folders didn’t work in any new version. I’m using a win7 and the new 3Dconnexion driver announced it was not compatible… would I like to install anyway? I did.

Though warnings that the driver was for win 10, the install worked for win7 and it’s working fine with all versions of SU! What do you know about that?!?!!?

The old grandpa mouse works after all!.. AND smoothly in SU2020.


This worked for me as well on my non wired SpaceMouse hooked to a 2013 iMac, but not the older USB wired SpaceMouse. Not really sure why the difference but suspect it may be something to do with worn USB connections.

3Dconnexion released an update for Mac OS yesterday now 10.6.5 … but but it does not work with my spacenavigator using USB cable.

I installed the new driver and it did not work… had to go back to the 2019 version (manual install).

Interesting. It worked for me. I’ll have to try it for a while to see if there are issues - 10.6.4 had stability problems on my Mac and I had to stick with 10.6.3.

It was weird. I had the manually installed 2019 driver loaded in 2020, and it worked ok (odd zooming speeds every now and then). I installed the new driver (which claimed 2020 support) and it it stopped working all together. Uninstall, reinstall… still nothing. Ended up downloading the last update and installed it for 2019 and 2020 started working again…

Come on 3D Connexion get your ■■■■ together!!! I’m going over to their blog to rage.

Following up: on my Mac 10.6.5 has the same stability problem as 10.6.4 and 10.6.3. After manipulating a model for a few moments, the view goes into unending rotate and zoom with no way to stop it. Unplugging the navigator doesn’t stop it. Closing the model crashes SketchUp! I’m going back to 10.6.1.

there’s a ßeta version (11.03.2020) of the SketchUp plugin for Windows available, shaking/trembling in perspective view should be fixed.

7zip format, use a capable archiver for unpacking the contained MSI installer.

My Space Mouse is 3200 miles away, but I tested the installer, and it does place the extension folder and file into the 2020 folder. Also into every other SketchUp version folder (at least back to 2014).