SketchUp Pro 2019 (Windows) Quits right after it's launched

I have been using Sketchup pro 2019 for several months with no issues. Yesterday, the program would quit right after I launch it. If I tried to open any projects, they also would quit as soon as they were opened. I would see my model for a second or two, and then it just quits.
I found a support page that says that I should uninstall 2019 and then re-install it. I tried that and it is still having the same issue.
I cant upgrade to 2020 just yet because I need to use Enscape to do some renderings. Enscape doesn’t work on 2020 yet.

hold down Shift key while when you startup SU…

does it open?


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Yes! that worked.
What’s that all about? What does holding the shift key do?

Holding shift prevents the previous document from opening. Your last model may have some problems.

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Ah. Good to know. THanks

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