Sketchup 2019 shut down after introduce window

Hello, I have installed SU2019 Pro about 3 months ago, it was working properly till week ago. From that time, when i start sketchup, there is standard introduction window, but when i try to start program(choosing recent files , or chosing new project) , the sketchup just shut down, after 0,1s. The sketchuo working window display for a while (about 0,1second) and stop. I cant even go to the preferences!
Before occuring that problem i didnt do any system changes, driver changes or sth… It looks like, the problem occured without reason! By now I cant use Sketchup, trying to reinstall, repair, graphic card drivers with no luck!
Has anybody problem like that? How to solve it! My technical support finished.
System: Win10, computer HP Envy, As I said: Sketchup worked properly till week ago.
Best regards


Windows 10 is permanently updating drivers in the background regularly unnoticed by the user.

Try if updating the driver by using the intel Driver & Support Assistant helps. rolling back to an older driver version might work too.

if nothing helps and if a desktop system you could buy a capable = dedicated graphics adapter w/ a mature OpenGL support as e.g. the nVidia GeForce GTX 1050Ti (or better) also (not AMD Radeon series, not CAD series).

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