2020 Pro crashing on start

I started having an issue with SketchUp crashing on me and I have been going crazy trying to pin-point what’s happening. I’ve used Sketchup on this PC for years now without a problem.

Whats happening: I’ll start the program and get the welcome prompt/template window. I’ll click to open my template and get a bug report immediately after.

What I’ve tried:
I thought it might be a graphics driver issue, I check to make sure I’m on the right card (I’m on notebook) Updated the drivers, rolled back the drivers, roll back the drivers some more.
Updated windows, rolled back windows.

Double checked the software like Microsoft C+ 2015 and all is fine.

I’m on Windows 10;
Llenovo W541 with Nvidia Quadro k2100m, Intel i5 2.8Gh/z

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