Sketchup Pro 2019 - Unable to contact the license server

Sketchup License Server connection error

I am using Sketchup Pro 2019 and after changing a faulty NIC to the workstation, the software asked me to logout from one of the workstation. I am using the same workstation but different network card and I also logged out.
When trying to log back in (register the license), the software tells me it cannot contact the license server.
I tried to log in from various workstations but same result to all of them. I asked for help from the helpdesk but apparently our support has expired and we need to subscribe to the software to get any support from them! (Worst customer service and worst way to get you to pay for monthly subscriptions.)
Can anyone help with that?

Note: when we first approach the helpdesk, they have asked us if we have firewall blocked the 5053 and 50530 ports

The answer to that is no, we have not block any of these ports.

If you search for this forum “contact license server”, there are numerous results. Hopefully one of them will solve your dilemma. Please bear in mind the 2019 version is no longer officially supported.

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Yeah, I have tried but nothing mentioned the same issue. I have tried on a few computers but with the same happens.

Also, consider the possibility the hardware change may have messed up other settings in windows.

I suspect that could happen too and therefore we try on our other PC’s with the same message.