SketchUp Pro 2019 software choice

I am interested in updating my Sketch Up software to 2019 Pro. What does it mean “Google SketchUp Pro portable”? I only plan on using the program on my Toshiba laptop and not on my Android phone. Should I just be looking at SketchUp Pro? Also I am interested in doing presentations for clients in 3-D, But will also want to be producing working drawings with title block, specs, sections etc. Do I need to also purchase Google Layout 2019 ?

              Thanks in advance for you input.

Google Sketchup isn’t there any more. It’s been bought by Trimble so it’s now Trimble Sketchup.

If you buy Sketchup Pro, or if you subscribe to it, you will be entitled to use Layout. It comes with the package.

With Layout it’s easy to present what you want with title blocks, sections and the likes.


Thanks you for the information.

No problem. I was around and it was an easy answer :slight_smile: