Sketchup Pro 2019 Free Trial - print options don't work. Are they turned off on purpose?

Hi. I’m new to Sketchup, just started using the 30 day free trial. When I try to print, several of the print options do not work. For example, when printing to PDF, I can put values in for printing to scale, but they have no effect. When printing to my local printer, the scale values are grayed out.
My question is: are the print options intentionally disabled in the free trial?
Thank you.
[update after DaveR’s reply below: yes, I set the Camera to Parallel Projection. And other options, like “Fit to Page” have no effect either.]

There are no options disabled in the Pro Trial. SketchUp 2019 is fully functional during the 30 days.

One possible reason why you can’t print to scale is that you haven’t set the camera to Parallel Projection. Scale printing is not available when the camera is set to Perspective.

Also, did you install SketchUp correctly? That is, did you right click on the downloaded installer and select Run as administrator from the Context menu?

Thanks, Dave. Yes, and yes. I set Parallel Projection, and it is properly installed.
And it’s not just the scaled printing. The “Fit to Page” has no effect either.

Does it work in LayOut?

Haven’t tried LayOut. I want to make a print of the 3D model, not a 2D projection.

So you don’t need a scale print out?

Printing from LayOut or exporting a PDF results in a printed image of the view or views of the model. Printing from SketchUp results in an image of a view of the model.

Check that your printer drivers are up to date. There was a fellow the other day reporting he wasn’t getting any printing options. Updated his printer drivers and all was well.

PDF export from SketchUp:

PDF export from LayOut at the same scale:

Thanks again, Dave. No, my printout does not have to be to scale. But I am just trying to get it sized the way I want on an 11"x17" piece of paper. No matter what options I choose, it is printing at the same size all the time.

Does your printer have an option to print on 11x17 paper? If not, that will be an issue in SketchUp. LayOut on the other hand doesn’t care. You can set the paper size to whatever you want in Document SetUp.

If you need to show multiple views of the model and want them on one page, you can do that, too.

I’m printing to PDF for the 11"x17", which I will take to Kinko’s. But I have the same problem when I print to 8.5"x11" to my local printer.

Again, did you update printer drivers? They affect printing from SketchUp. If you were to use LayOut, you won’t have the same issue and you can export a PDF to take or send to Kinkos for printing.

No, didn’t update drivers yet. I will try that. I have to go now, though. Thanks very much for your help!

For printing to scale from SU I think the view has to be orthogonal to the model axes. This is a completely arbitrary requirement as printing to scale is mathematically possible regardless of camera direction, as long as parallel projection is used. However, if I remember correctly, this is something SketchUp checks for.

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