Print scale unit issues

I have viewed several videos on how to print 1:1 scale pdfs and prints. When I am in the print preview window, I have no scale unit drop down options (refer to pic). I have tried adjusting print setup, pdf options etc. Reinstalled Sketchup and still have no options to change the scale. All but one attempts to print but one, printed a small scale image. The only way I was able to get 1:1 was to transfer it to layout, which was not a step in any of the videos I’ve watched. The print preview screen won’t even give me print quality options. And to answer before anyone asks, I do not have a home printer and typically send my documents through email to print elsewhere, thus the reason I’m printing to off or document writer. In 30 days I lose the option to send to layout due to the trial.

Just as a clarification. I have a surface 3, and have no idea what graphics card it has (referring to the sign in questions). Any help would be great.

I believe you need to select a physical printer and have the drivers installed.

Will try at earliest convenience. But should I not be able to print it 1:1 in pdf form. I like to keep my woodworking plans in digital pdfs to be able to send to friends and such.

Someone else might pop up but I’m sure it’s to do with drivers, after a post I saw last week.

Hi @diverorion ,

Try using Camera>Parallel Projection and also select one of the Camera>Standard View . Then try print (or print preview), it should work.

Tried that…those changes were included in the first few steps of the videos I watched

Could you please share the videos you’re referring to?

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