Sketchup Pro 2019 Error on Starting

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So, yesterday, Sketchup was fine. I went to bed. I’ve done some washing today and hung it out to dry.

Just started Sketchup and the attached message appears. No idea what this means, so would appreciate any help and advice.

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Definitely something weird going on today.

I’m now getting this error on Pro 2018 as well, so I can only assume it has something to do with the Internet/Sketchup connection.

As well as this, I also now get this one, which mentions Issue Tracker extension. Again, has not been a problem all day, until now. I think this is just a longer version of the first one.

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it looks like Estimator is having issues ‘phoning home’…


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Yeah, that’s what I’m thinking, and hoping that’s it’s just a temporary glitch.


Is Estimator installed in a directory called issuetracker? That is where the error occurs.

This issuetracker is trying to parse some JSON content from a web server. The page is missing for whatever reason and instead a default error message is output by the web server. The extension doesn’t handle JSON parse errors but instead fails loading without any friendly error message.

To fix this you can uninstall the extension in question.

So, does that mean that it’s some sort of problem at Estimator’s end?

It’s been faultless until yesterday evening, so all I can assume is it’s something to do with their website/server.

I was going to wait a day or so and see if it sorts itself out. Do not really want to have to uninstall Issue Tracker as I do need it for my work, although because of this issue, it doesn’t load anyway.


PS And how do you know all this stuff!? :grinning::grinning: I’m assuming you have a computer for a brain, as it’s all foreign to me :grinning:

It means there has been a failure of coordination between the estimator extension code and the vendor’s web site server. The server returned html telling the client (the extension code in this case) to try the request again at a different web address specified in the html, implying that during site maintenance the relevant page has been moved. The extension’s code wasn’t written to handle this redirection and fails when it attempts to parse the html as json (JavaScript Object Notation).

Thank you @slbaumgartner and @eneroth3

Bizarrely enough, I kind of understand that.

I think it is the Extension ‘Issue Tracker’, which is a licensed purchased Extension. ‘Estimator for Sketchup’ still loads and works ok, but Issue Tracker does not load at all, even though it shows as installed in the Extension Manager.

So, in conclusion, there is actually nothing I can do about it? If it is indeed Site Maintenance at their end, then in theory, it should sort itself, I would assume.

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On looking again, I notice you are right - the problem is entirely with issue tracker, not Estimator. Sorry for the mislead (@john_drivenupthewall shame on you :wink:). It is in the process of trying to check you license when it fails hard.

You should contact the vendor to make them aware of the problem, as someone clearly modified the web server’s content. The extension’s code is encrypted, so we can’t examine it to discover how it tries to retrieve the license info from the web server. What is clear is that whatever technique it used does not understand the html “302 found” redirect status and fails to fetch what the rest of the extension code expects.


I’ve sent the report to the Developer so will hopefully be sorted soon.


Well, the subscription of Estimator includes the use of multiple extensions besides Estimator itself (issuetracker, take off length and I think even the framing tool)
So the shame should be divided😃



Thank you for bringing this to my attention, I am sending this to my programmer immediately.


Thank you @jgbrock1

I’m hoping it’s just the server playing silly buggers.

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I only have the pdf importer extension installed from Estimator and I get the same message that Michael Siggers posted.


Here’s a clearer picture. 765%20warning%20message%20close%20up

This should be fixed now. Please email me directly to if you have any issues


All fixed. Thank you @jgbrock1

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