Popup upon Opening

When opening Sketchup I get this message:

765: unexpected token at ’ … plus technical info and then finish with

the Document has been temporarily moved.

Does not seem to affect any use, but wonder what is causing it

You have Estimator installed, correct?

There’s an issue on their end. They are working on it but I haven’t seen a report that it has been fixed yet.


Thank you for the quick reply – Do not have Estimator installed - but just installed Profile Builder 3 and Quantifier Pro - could that also do the same?

Maybe. I have Profile Builder 3 installed but don’t get that message when starting SketchUp.

Do you have anything else from John Brock?

I have “Framer” but have had it for a while without this issue - this just started today.


That seems to be a possibility - will keep an eye on it to see if it goes away. Thanks for the great relies.

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OK, the problem was due to a recent upgrade to our server. I paid to have it secured, so the url is now https and the code for licensing was looking for http - we have it fixed now and I no longer am getting the error, so everything should be shiny (to quote ThomThom) :slight_smile:


Technically I’d argue the error users encounter was due to not handling invalid JSON or HTTP failure statues when connecting to the server, not a change in the server configuration per se.

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