[7] warning

Sketchup Pro 2020
Win 10 64bit 32GB

Since the download of SU 2021, my 2020 is getting a warning of [7] that I cannot find the origin of.

Help anyone?
Warning 7

I’ve seen a similar report recently. As I recall it had to do with one of Fredo6’s extensions being out of date. You might go to Sketchucation and make sure you have the latest versions of all of his extensions installed.

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That was me what had the ! [7] issue a couple of weeks ago. Cured it by updating extensions. Sorry I do not know which one was the culprit.

I appreciate looking at this. I had Fredo6 updated, only Thomas Thomassen was left undone, So my suspicion is that it was on on those ;-).
I am hopeful that the warning message could be updated to state the issue correctly.

Which one of Thom Thom’s extensions was the culprit? Knowing would help Thom Thom identify the extension that needs updating.

I would love to answer, but the message prohibited SU from fully starting, so I was not able to know the cause prior to the suggestions in this thread.

I did update several extensions, perhaps [7] was the count, but I’m away from that PC now.

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