EARLY NOTICE: Fredo6 plugins progressively transitioning to SU version >= SU2016


To all users,

I will progressively transition most of my plugins to Sketchup versions >= SU2016.

The main reason is that I need to reduce the maintenance and support of the old SU versions, as well as take benefit of some new features in the latest Sketchup versions.

I’ll do that over several months. So this is just an early notice.

The second plugin to be released for SU version >= SU2016 will be Animator (note that the first one was Souvenir).

Please note that I’ll find a place to store the old versions if ever this is useful.



Thank you for all the plugins you have shared with us!

You have been an amazing and generous developer


As a fellow developer I think this is a wise move. Supporting old versions gets quite messy with all the small bugs, oddities and missing features.


Excellent idea Fredo.
Just a thought, is there some way you can disable your updater on older versions so people don’t mistakenly update to a newer version that doesn’t work on their older system.


I suspect you will get complaints from people still using old versions (think of the number of questions we see on this forum from people still running SketchUp version 8!), but I support you. Non-developers have no idea how much of a mess code becomes as it accumulates a spaghetti plate full of ad-hoc patches for old versions!


Thank you, Fredo6, for your extensions!
You are a particularly generous developer.


Fredo, thank you for the tools. I would like to buy you a beer or two, however all the “donate” icon I have found are in French. Do you have a English link I could follow?


Thanks for the encouragements.

Actually, even SU2016 is an issue, due to the unequal support for highDPI screens (openGL and Web dialogs), and the absence of HTML Dialog.

Certainly I will support SU2017 Make for as long as it exists.

Anyway, no immediate move, just a early notice.

For Animator, the move to SU2016+ was planned anyway as the plugin will become a chargeable plugin at some point (when it has decent features).


That issue (page translation)did delay my donation as well. but only a day or two.


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