Sketchup Pro 2018 Loading Errors


So, I have been using Sketchup Pro 2018 since its release with no problems.

Yesterday, I finished working late, went to bed, running through all the work I needed to get done today.

Sun was out this morning, and all was good in the world.

Turned on my iMac, to be presented with a NVidia Driver update for my Graphics Card. Oh, good, I thought…

Well, that was 8.30 this morning. The driver basically killed my machine, and I’ve now had to revert back to the Apple one.

Anyway, all sorted I thought…

Now, this may or may not be related. Started Sketchup and was presented with the attached. I have never seen this before, in all the time I have been using Sketchup.

No new Plugins added for months.

Quit Sketchup, and started it again. No message. Quit Sketchup, and started it again, message appears.

It’s one of those days. Nearly midday and have not started work yet. Stupid modern technology.

Anyway, would hugely appreciate anyones thoughts on the matter.

Kind regards



The loading error shows text that contains valuable hints (from bottom to top):

When SketchUp loads extensions, it loads an encrypted Ruby file “issue_tracker_code.rbe”. This belongs to the Issue Tracker extension (“markup tool […] allowing users to “tag” issues or corrections needed”) that you have apparently installed. It is a commercial extension and according to the error log it checks whether its license is activated. Therefore it makes a failing http request to a website to check its license status probably.

Since it was working once, something must have changed that is not handled by the extension (I guess if a subscripten expires, the extension developer would show a nice message). It could be that the server is not reachable. Unfortunately the log does not contain the URL.

So you know now that the problem is related to the extension Issue Tracker and you best contact the developer to get further help.


Thank you @Aerilius

Really appreciated.

Yes, I did wonder about that Extension. It normally works fine.

It was a one off purchase so I will chase the Developer.

I had also forgotten that I installed Topshaper the other day and did wonder if there may have been a clash. However, I have all the same extensions on my MacBook Pro, including TopoShaper, apart from Issue Tracker. There have been no Error Logs on my MacBook Pro, which backs up your answer, that it is something to do with Issue Tracker.

I do know that the Developer has just launched Estimator 2, so maybe his server is taking a pounding. The fact that the error logs appear intermittently may also indicate a server problem?

Interesting to learn that the list is from bottom up too.

Anyway, I’ll drop him an e-mail.

Many thanks again.

Kind regards