SketchUp Pro 2018 not working properly

I recently bought Acer amd ryzen 5 laptop and don’t know y but SketchUp is not spporting I guess.sometimes it runs good but most of the time I just can see half of the screen only the baar tool and other menu options are blacked out .I ran the checkup also it said that amd graphic has only 1mb memory where as I checked the go preference in SketchUp it shows for the dedicated graphic card Rx 5600 please if any one can help on it how to fix it, m not a computer pro but i have still tried things from my used to work fine with my lenovo intel i3 processor Thank you

You should try updating your AMD graphics card driver, preferably directly from the AMD website.

The “1Mb” graphics memory message is meaningless. It results from faulty operation of a Microsoft system information tool and you can ignore it.