Graphic card with 1 MB when there are 8 GB in it!


I’m not a pro, just a warm private aficionado of SketchUp Makefrom many years now and it has always been a great help with my home projects.

Since a time ago, I’m suffering of continuous blokages in SketchUp Make 2017. I did a Checkup and it appears an error: SketchUp is seeing my graphics card as having just 1 MB of RAM. But this isn’t real, it’s an XFX AMD Radeon RX-580P8DFD6 8GB Triple X Edition,

My previous PC was made of an Intel Core Duo, 8 GB of RAM on an ASUS P5K Premium, an SSD and HDDs and an ATI Radeon with only 1 GB of RAM. I didn’t experience this problem.

My present PC is far ahead of the old one and I build it specially for graphics, movement and simulations. It’s made of a Ryzen 5 7200, 16 GB of RAM on an MSI B450 Gaming Pro Carbon AC, with lots of GB in SSDs and HDDs.

May I have your help to fix this error? Is there any action to correct this bad detection of RAM? I’m an adict to SketchUp Make.

Thanks a lot in advance.

CheckUp exposes a bug in the reporting system that Windows uses to identify how much RAM your graphics card has. You can ignore that report, though, since you know better how much RAM there is.

Thanks Dave for yourquick answer.

The error message on cheking up isn’t the problem, I can live with. The problem is the freezing of SketchUp at any point any any moment, it’s frustrating, very frustraiting.

Thanks again.

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Some possible causes

  • graphics card driver
  • misbehaving plugin, especially one with “observers”
  • autosave, especially if your model is not being saved on your local hard disk

Just ignore CheckUp. It has had this bug for ages and it still isn’t fixed.

Hi Chris.

I didn’t now it and I will forget it.

Many thanks.

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