SketchUp Pro 2018 License

I have up-to-date SketchUp Pro 2018 License. When I sign into Layout it says trial ends in 29 days. How do I update Layout?

did you open it at least once from Finder 2018 folder?

it may be opening an older version…


Opening LayOut from from SketchUp 2018 folder

Hi @FREDMANARC: I have edited your post to remove the personal contact information. Thanks!

It looks like you have not entered your license information in SketchUp Pro. Once authorized, LayOut will run in standard, rather than trial mode.

SketcoUp runs just fine

All info has been entered correctly
including updated authorization number
Including updated license info

SketchUp Pro runs as expected
LayOut runs as Trial

Aaron: That worked. Re-entered license and auth and now everything works fine. Thank you

Happy to help!

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