Sketchup pro 2018 extension works in a saved file but not in a new file

The specific extension is WinDoor. It has been a year since I used it. I went to use it, it is in the menu, it starts it’s process. It only gets through the first three windows and then that window closes and the next window does not open. On a whim I opened the model I used it on last. It was in the menu in the same place, and operates exactly as before.

Things I have tried:
I used Save a copy. When the copy of the older file is working the extension works.
In a new file I checked the manager and looked for updates. I uninstalled it and reinstalled it from the using the extension warehouse. Does not work, ext. Does the same.
In a new file I uninstalled it. Downloaded it, used the ex whouse to install it by browsing to the folder. Does not work, ext. does the same.
In each of these attempts I went back and opened the older file. Extension works as it is supposed to.

Extenuating circumstances you should be aware of if you want to help:
I procrastinated and did not pay and can not get 2019.
I had a laptop die on me. I had to get the copy of SU2018 pro from the german website link, and install on my new laptop. A professional firm was able to recover data from my HDD. Some of that data is loaded on drive D: on this laptop.
I migrated all of my extensions using methods in a video from a very experienced you tuber.
I do have a long list of extension loading errors when I open the program since. I have slowly cleaned some up by updating or uninstalling extensions as I go. WinDoor was NOT in this list at any time or currently.
The older file was recovered from the previously mentioned data recovery. It was moved to drive C and opened. There is still a copy of it on drive d.
There are other extensions, such as voroni and clothworks that are still not working at all.
For whatever reason there are 4 user accounts on my laptop. This might be something.
MSI ge75raider intel i7 nvidia geforce rtx.win10 latests updates. I have been in a battle with intel gpu drivers and done a bit there to help another critical design program with 3d capabilities run kind of stable. It exports to sketchup.
All of these softwares played nice together and were running great on the laptop that died, as long as intel drivers were back dated.
My current work around is to open the save as copy file. Delete all the work. Remove the geolocation, and start drawing. This works, and the extension works. Note: non of the extensions mentioned, cloth works, veroni, etc that are also not working start working here.

I do have a copy of the downloaded SU2018 pro file. Yes I do plan eventually to upgrade. The pandemic lost me a lot of money so I am running bare bones as long as I can until I can

Thank you for any assistance on this issue and suggestions that may resolve it.