Open Studio extension is disabled when I close and re-open my sketchup model

Open source extension is disabled when i re-open my sketchup model. The open source extension is only getting launch when I open a new model but not the existing model

Maybe you should provide us with more information…
What open source extension are you talking about?
Your profile states you are using SketchUp Free, witch is not capable of running extensions, maybe that’s the problem. Or you are using a desktop version, in which case you should update your profile!

Hi Tweenulzeven,
Yes, I am using trial version of sketchup pro 2020. my extension manager does show some extension. I am interested in ‘open studio’ extension. I am not using web version, i downloaded on my computer and using that version

I edited your title so this makes some sense. Please don’t double post. That creates confusion.

Sure DaveR, thanks