Sketchup Pro 2018 Color by Axis not updating

When using Line Colour “by axis”, Sketchup Pro 2018 does not live update line colors when switching between saved axes locations. Previous versions function correctly. It only updates when “by axis” is toggled to another setting, and then back to “by axis”. Please fix!

By “saved axes locations” are you referring to scenes? Remember that line type is part of the style that is saved with a scene, so switching between scenes is switching to the saved style (possibly switching from “by axis” to “all same”).

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Thanks Aaron– I am using the scenes function but only have “axes location” checked for the scenes in question. In previous experience, as I toggle between these scenes, it updates the axis location and thus the color of each line in relation to that active axis. As I toggle, the color line setting “by axis” is staying consistent, but colors are not updating. Opening the model in 2017 and 2016 seems function properly. Let me know if I’m missing something!

Perhaps you could share your file so we can see what is going on?

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I was not able to do what you are describing (by axis colors seem to work as they should). Perhaps it is specific to your file…

I’ve just created a separate test file and you seem to be right– it appears to be specific to this file. I will see if I can narrow down the source of the problem. Is there any reason some lines may not update by axis if they are within a range of error from the actual axis?

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