Sketchup precision in opengl option


In windows -> preferences -> opengl (list)


What does the precision mean? Is low gives more inaccurate drawing than high? Is sketchup not perfect?



This has to do with the capabilities of your graphics card and its OpenGL rendering support. (If you were using it which you currently aren’t, based on the state of the Hardware Acceleration setting.) It gives you an option that might help when the High setting is too hard for your graphics card to deal with. Selecting the Low precision option would likely give you improvement with navigating around complex models with lots of textures. Use that if you are having problems with the High setting. Or, if you don’t want to use the Low setting, get a better graphics card.



Also, you haven’t selected “use hardware acceleration” so your graphics card is not being used by SU - you may see more options in the capabilities window once you do.