Sketchup not working via Zoom Video Call Screen Share

Hello. I use SU daily for my interior design business. Since March, I’ve been Zooming with clients for socially distanced presentations, which often include screen sharing of the project model. Earlier this month, I noticed a slow-down with SU when screen sharing. By last week, the beach ball spins and spins when changing between scenes and even zooming in. Ultimately, I’m dead in the water with being able to present SU to clients virtually. Anyone else experiencing this? Eager for a speedy remedy so I can get back to WORK! ::help::

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Did that happen with only one project or file?
Try it with a small file to check if its simply too much for your computer to handle (sharing screen and SU)
Try some zoom alternatives. I normally share my screen using SU via MS teams.

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Thanks for your reply! The issue is happening regardless of which project file I have open. I strive to keep my models as small as possible and none are unusually larger than a month ago, before the problem started.
Thanks also for the mention fo MS Teams. I tried that yesterday as a workaround but encountered the same problem.
IT’s the worst being on a video call with clients and having nothing to show because the model won’t open. ::sigh::

Are you sharing your whole desktop or only the SketchUp window?

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Try using SketchUp Viewer?
BTW I recall the first time I tried to use a projector in a meeting. Similar laggy performance but I got through it.
I think you are not dead in the water. In the meantime you can create plenty of stills, they might prefer that to the typical roller coaster SketchUp navigation. Or how about making a screen capture movie to show?

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Thanks for replying and asking, Anssi. With Zoom it was just a screen share of SU. With MSTeams, you share you entire screen. I encountered the problem with both.

Good ideas PBACOT. I really like showing clients the live zoom and they enjoy it, especially for working meetings. But yes, still work in a pinch. That was a saving workaround yesterday, when I talked the client through the layout sheets after SU froze.

In both Zoom or teams you can choose between sharing one window or the entire screen.
It is difficult to troubleshoot this without having access to the problem. try different things to check what could be the problem.
Different computer maybe if you have access to another maybe.
In the mean while you can always export your views and show them as images. no movement but could help.

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