Microsoft Teams and Screen Freezing

I am experiencing SketchUp screen freezing when sharing my screen using Microsoft Teams. Is anyone successfully using this combination. Windows 10 and SU 2019.

Crickets…Well for anyone interested it seems if you share your screen and not the SketchUp window it works without freezing.

I haven’t used Microsoft Teams for screen sharing. So your experience is that Teams doesn’t like to share SketchUp?

I’ve been using GoToMeeting for years without problem. Recently I’ve done it with Discord and Zoom with no problem either.

I tried signing up for Teams to test this. It isn’t easy, kept on ending up in Skype, after a message about how someone at my school has to set it up.

Is there a way to use Teams entirely on your own, without a company or school being involved?

You can either share your whole screen or only the SketchUp application window. Does it fail both ways? I haven’t tried with SketchUp but I have attended a meeting with a Solibri view shared successfully, so it is probably not about OpenGL.

@Anssi Seems to fail only when you share the SketchUp window. If you share a screen it seems fine.

@colin I get it because I have an Office 365 business account. I want to use it because it’s included and I don’t want to pay for Go To Meeting. Which would be another subscription cost.

@DaveR I tried GoTo Meeting and it worked well but I get Teams for free with my Office 365 account and GoTo Meeting is another subscription. I think I have the bugs worked out.

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Good deal.

Google have their Remote Desktop app. It’s free. It seems not to share clipboards, but is a decent frame rate as screen sharing goes.