Collaborate real time live using sketchup and zoom

I’m leigh and i have struggled with SketchUp for years.
I’m a green builder near Asheville NC. I have several projects going on like log cabins and 1500 sq sf timber frame homes.
I want to be able to collaborate design draw in real time live using SketchUp and Zoom or similar, pay by PayPal.
looking forward to it.

Any web meeting solution that allows multiple people to control a screen/window/app on one of the participant’s computers could work.

Microsoft Teams allows this. Still requires some coordination (usually done in the audio of the meeting) so people in the meeting don’t try to simultaneously control the app! It can also be frustrating - especially over non-broadband connections.

Other web meeting apps? I simply don’t know! I discovered this ability of MS Teams through a work assignment - training someone half the word away (almost literally) to use our Purchasing system - so I’ve had no reason to look at the other web meeting apps

edit - yeah, I’ve designed while screensharing. my bad. But I mostly do it when teaching SU remotely.

Zoom, meet/hangout, teams, and more recently team viewer.
Team viewer is not the easiest to get a grip on, and I have no idea what the cost of a pro account is, BUT it gives the ability to take control of the other person’s computer.

Using TW, I basically have a meeting setup where I’ll share my screen. On the side, I’ll also ask the control id/password of the students so I can check their screen, and when needed, take control.

The other solutions are easier to setup, fewer controls, fewer options, BUT no possibility to take control.

However @sjdorst , I’m pretty sure Leigh isn’t looking at technical solutions but looking for a 3d designer to work with (I assumed like you, but the paypal reference and the section we’re in tipped me off)
There are a certain amount of US designers here, working construction or similar fields, I’m sure some will come around and get in touch.
(I’m sayin US designers, because near time zones, knowledge of US rules and use of imperial units is, in this case, a good idea I think)

You may well be correct in this. OR @leighmonson just has a preference for paying for the collaboration solution/app via PayPal! Honestly? I focused on the need to collaborate and my use of Teams for training leapt into my mind - didn’t stop to think about how mentioning a payment method might alter the fundamental nature of the question!

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Are you looking to have someone watch you model and advise you during the process, or are you looking for someone to do modeling for you while you watch and comment?

I work remotely with a variety of architects and builders … and have been using SketchUp (and LayOut) for 10+ years. Have an affinity for timber frame … so would like the opportunity to learn more about your projects and the type of collaboration that you have in mind. Will send you a PM with my contact information.


Ernest Godsey
GTA Design

Two possible solutions. I’m a founding partner with We place certified Sketchup professionals with businesses like yourself that have need. You might want to check out the link and see if we have a solution for you.

Also, Geoff Bostwich runs a site called He has options for the exact thing that you are looking for. Side by side working with tutors to either help you learn how to do the work with your own projects or having one of their people do the project for/with you.

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Hi Leigh

Ive sent you an email

Hi Keith. The initiative sounds interesting. I tried that exam and I didn’t get an email back when I submitted the google form.

Hi Leigh. You can DM me with your queries too if you wish. I have a long track record of successfully assisting people and corporations with SketchUp Pro.

Think im ahead on that one
You do bitcoin training le cob. I heard your earning mega from that :rofl::rofl: