New to sketch up, messed with zoom

Im using SketchUp Make 2020 on MAC. I was working in my model, it became really laggy, i tried too zoom in and out, and i kind of lost it and i can’t find it anymore, i tried some of the suggestions in previous topics, but i can’t fix it.

Maybe someone can help me. I am drawing out my house and it is important for the construction workers for some details which[Uploading need to be changed.

and i cant upload the file here, it is too big :frowning:


There is no such thing as SketchUp Make 2020. The last Make version is 2017.

Upload it to Drop Box or Google Drive and share the link to it.

Sorry for the wrong name, I ment just sketch up 2020!ArffrklntqpEhccgnJWIW2LxHt8rQA?e=NlFvOF

As in SketchUp 2020 Pro? Perhaps you could fix your profile?

Is this what you are expecting?

Part of your problem has to do with working with the camera set to Parallel Projection. You should be modeling in Perspective. That will help you keep the camera from ending up so far away from the model.

Here you go: Dropbox - ALMACI_NEU fixed.skp - Simplify your life

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Yes, that is what ia was searching for.

Yeah i will fix my profile.

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Ok, now i will know. I started to mess with the perspectives as the model began to tear up as i zoomed in. I will leave it at perspective from know on.


P.S. and i corrected my profile. :slight_smile:

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A quick trick : once you have a nice view of your model, create a Scene. Then, whenever you get lost, click on the Scene Tab to get your view back.