Sketchup not working in Belarus - following Invasion (renamed)

Hello, my name is Alexander and I am a user of your products. I am from Belarus. please tell me why did you disable access to the 3dwarhause file storage? and removed the renewal of the license to use ar in the application

This is probably not the reason but Belarus is supporting the genocide in Ukraine and should stop that or be disconnected from all international cooperation.


Actually, it is.

we are citizens of the republic of belarus against the war in ukraine and condemn our government! any of our protests or rallies lead to arrest and a criminal case - people are imprisoned for 3 years! Isn’t it worth it? we do our job and we want it to live well and prosper. it is good for you to condemn us and draw such conclusions. I wanted to say thank you that there is such a product Sketchup and layout - which help to save money - how to move on if everything is worth it?

Good afternoon, please tell me if Trimbl can reconsider the decision to disconnect Belarus. We are against war and want to work with your product to create 3D models and drawings. We engineers build without war

This is not something anyone here on this public forum can tell you. You should contact Trimble directly to plead your case and see if you can get them to reverse their decision.

please write your email or where the link can be found, thank you in advance

My email address won’t do you any good. Like nearly everyone here, I do not work for Trimble and have no say in what they do.

Start at

Why ask me? I am just another user, not in any way involved with decisions that Trimble takes. My own opinion is that the decision is right as long as Belarus is an ally of Russia in this war. It is not against you but your government. Time to elect another one.

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