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Hi all!
problem when going to “start modeling free”, a message appears: AccessDenied Access DeniedFW37TGZZRY1HSK1RfjGUewlwcOCIKRK1zlKr59zPLECgH29w/NP35JHgXrwS/dOMhrlIt1xXElvrWhYWGAAHx+daff4=

Tell me what could be the problem?

SketchUp is blocked in Russia and Belarus because of the attack in Ukraine.

Its sad!

Thanks for your answer!

it is official.

Trimble, like many more software companies, do not endorse Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

as of the files, well yeah, you do realise that as soon as you use a cloud-based product, and all your files are stored on the cloud, you’re at risk of loosing everything if your access to the cloud is down right ? same with EVERY cloud based solutions.

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Before this topic gets admin locked, Could it be possible to make a feedback about the situation ?
Apparently since march Trimble’s apps are “simply” in an “Access denied” mode.

At this point, couldn’t they build a quick redirection to an “access denied - here is the reason and the news release” page?

I’ve been using several sites / apps with similar feature, so users don’t assume it’s a bug / crash but an actual decision on trimble’s part ?

My two cents. Because until then, such topics will keep regularly appearing.

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