SketchUp Not Responding Upon Starting

The extension Enscape, advised me to install a driver installer/update for my laptop because it is not working (encape). However, after I installed it, my sketchup 2021, is now not responding upon opening. This is the case for all the skp files I have on my laptop. It was working fine before tho. Can someone help me? I still don’t know much about SketchUp so this problem is really frustrating

Uninstall enscape and check if you’re able to open sketchup again.

IT WORKED! SketchUp 2021 is running again. I haven’t considered doing this, so thanks a lot.

Mark @francisquitof 's post as the solution. Please correct your forum profile. There is no Free Plan of SketchUp 2021. And there must be a GPU in your computer.