Sketchup Native/Default Origin


This question is mainly out of curiosity, but would also help sometimes when I’m presenting work.

I realise that I can geolocate a Model to a specific site, which then enables shadows etc to be correct when I enable them, but i was wondering where the default 0,0,0 is set. Is this somewhere in the US? Is it possible to change this to the UK so that when I apply shadows without geolocation, they will be pretty much correct, ie in the right Ball Park. I find I have to experiment with the UTC plus and minus but have never actually found the right one for the UK.

Or maybe I should stop being lazy and just geolocate it :smiley: The reason I don’t is that I do not want to import the Landscape and Terrain image.


The default location is set to the (old location of) SketchUp head quarters, somewhere in Boulder USA.
You can bypass this in a template of your own and set it somewhere nearby.

Thank you @MikeWayzovski

I’ll have to look into that and change my Template.

Is this easy enought to do? Guessing in Model Info maybe as I’m not by my computer at the moment.

Thank you for the really quick reply too. It is Sunday :smiley:


You can right click on your home location in google maps and get the lat and long, then paste them into Manual Location in Model Info Geolocation. And check the time offset.
Then save that as your template.
This shows the shadow difference from Boulder to my location.

You can delete the terrain after you have set your geolocation, or you can set up your location by putting in lat/long coordinates “manually”. Which comes to that I have forgotten to do that to my template.