Default setting for SketchUp on web for geo-location

I would like to know what is the default setting about SketchUp Free for shadow. There is choice for Shadow On or OFF, and can adjust time and date, but no -indication of geo-location. Probably the default location is Google Headquarter location, Mountain View, California?

Google has not owned SketchUp for many years now, the software is a Trimble product. I don’t know if the default in Go is still the same, but the Pro default shadow geolocation I believe is set to Boulder Colorado, the location of the SketchUp Headquarters.

@endlessfix is correct. The location is set to Boulder, Colorado.

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Thanks, endlessfix and DaveR, for your responses.

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You can use the add location feature to set a location which will then be used for shadows.
It’s accessed in the main menu (below App Settings):

I was curious about this, so tested it in a private window in a browser I don’t normally use. Add Location showed me to be near Denver. I tried this page:

and it gave the same location. Then I VPNed into Canada, and in a new window my location changed to somewhere in Toronto. Turning off VPN got me back to Denver.

On desktop, while VPNed into Canada, I also got Toronto. Turning off VPN left me still in Toronto.

So, it looks like that on desktop the location is set to the location for your IP address, if your location was not read before. After that you’re stuck with it. With the web version it reconsiders every time.

Going back to the old days, it did default to Boulder, and may have stayed with Boulder during the Google days. These days Google have about 1500 people in Boulder, and SketchUp has zero (well, not counting the few of us that actually live in Boulder).