Sketchup models take up too much data on SharePoint

the SharePoint becomes full due to Sketchup Models
I have just found the cause of the problem.
The problem is that there is a file history on the SharePoint.
Normally this should not be larger than twice the size of the file.
But this can be different if the SharePoint does not recognize what type of file it is and cannot merge the previous and the new one.

A file of 333.3MB from a 3D drawing program and has 118 history references of between 250MB and 333MB

Does anyone have experience with this?
I am looking for a solution within sketchup to prevent this

I can’t be the only user who works with 3 licenses and SharePoint, right?

Maybe there is a solution in SharePoint?
As far as I know SketchUp itself doesn’t make the file history references…


SketchUp doesn’t create the file history when files are saved to SharePoint. SharePoint is doing that. Maybe a few historical copies would be good to keep but you would need to clear out the files you don’t want. It might be possible to set SharePoint to only keep the most recent three or something.

Within SketchUp you might be able to reduce the file size through a variety of methods before saving the file to SharePoint. Maybe the SketchUp file doesn’t need to be 333 Mb in the first place.


We use sharepoint here

Files don’t get merged, you simply see the most recent version of the file.

Previous versions are kept in the background.
The amount of storage and the number of revisions kept is entirely down to your sharepoint plan/setup.
You can set sharepoint to only keep 100 versions of a file, that is the smallest it will allow as far as I’m aware.

This is probably a question for your microsoft/sharepoint specialist to help with


It has nothing to do with Sketchup so there’s nothing you can do from the sketchup side.

Well, most of the users have just one license and Trimble connect is a better platform for collaborative work for sketchup users.

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