SketchUp Models loaded into HoloLens lose their color



My SketchUp models seem to be losing their color when loaded into the HoloLens. What would cause this? The models that came with the HoloLens have color, but all other models do not.


Can you share a model that you are having issue with? I can try to take a look and see if I see the same thing.


I’ve been able to isolate the issue and determine a solution. What was occurring is that I was importing a CAD file into SketchUp, it looked fine, but when I uploaded it to Trimble Connect it was losing its materials. I was able to get an extension that allows for a DWF to SketchUp conversion and it eliminated the issue.


Good to hear, @swordkeep ! Just out of curiosity, are you loading all your models through Trimble Connect, or are you uploading them directly to SketchUp Viewer from SketchUp using the AR/VR extension?


I’ve been using Trimble Connect. If you recommend the AR/VR extension I’ll
use it instead.


Absolutely! It allows you to push a SketchUp file directly from SketchUp to SketchUp Viewer on your Hololens. One button click and the file is ready to view!

Check it out!


That’s an excellent tool! Unfortunately I won’t be able to have the device and the software on the same network, so uploading directly won’t be an option (it’s installed on my personal virtual machine within its own network environment). But the sound and ability to view the direction the other person is looking (within a room) are great features.


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